Obviously my most common question is “what are my prices?” (ahhhhhhh the most stressful question). Art, especially original custom art, has a reputation of being expensive. I do my best to find the happy medium for myself as a working artist and for my client as a buyer, because I want art to be affordable to everyone who wants to buy it. I price my pieces based MAINLY on size, but factors such as the additional elements (gold/crystals/etc.), detail work, demand, and time spent on the project will influence cost. Canvases also come in different thicknesses, so the wider the edge the higher the price as well (average thickness is 1/2″). I estimate shipping differently for each order, and that will be added to your total piece’s cost. Below are AVERAGE costs for my most frequently bought sizes. Contact me for exact estimates and to be added to my list! 🙂

16″ x 20″= $175 (this is the smallest size I am usually willing to do for portraits, but message me if you’re interested in smaller and I will try to work it out for you)

18″ x 24″ = $200

20″ x 20″ = $200

12″ x 36″ = $250

24″ x 30″ = $300-$400 (this is my most popular size because it is the largest size that can be shipped low-cost. Canvases larger than this become very expensive to ship.)

24″ x 36″ = $350-$450

36″ x 36″ = $500

30″ x 40″ = $600-$700

36″ x 48″ = $800-$1000 (as of now, this is the largest size I’m willing to ship. Larger paintings can be done as a mural if you are local to Charlotte or Atlanta. Other locations, please contact me for planning.)