Hi friends! I know these bios are supposed to be in third-person but that feels weird so let’s not. Ok! My name is Hannah and I was born in Marietta, Georgia but I say Atlanta because it makes me sound a little cooler. Art has been a staple of my whole life, especially growing up with an architect for a dad. I always had endless supplies and creative challenges tossed at me by him, and it really molded how I view art. I began teaching at a paint-and-sip at 15, and continued teaching for the next six years after that in both Marietta and Tallahassee, FL. I didn’t start painting portraits until around 2014, when I started college. I moved to London at 18 right after high school and attended FSU’s abroad program to study fashion, communications, and British culture. I got the opportunity to live in England, Spain, and Italy for a year and it really changed my view of what I wanted my life to look like, and I knew it could never involve a cubicle. I wanted to “””live the dream””” and “””do what I love for a living””” so i paired my part-time jobs in college with starting to create and sell pieces of art. I never expected people to want to spend money on the things I was making, but it goes to show how you should believe in yourself and your talents. I was my biggest critic but after that wall started to fall I found myself diving in, and trying to perfect this hobby I had always had. Now, in 2020, I feel that I’ve really found my style in creating portraits of people who inspire me. This could be (and often is) a musician because I’m a big, all-genres-even-the-weird-ones music fan, but I also find my inspiration in artists, leaders, people of color who have changed history, and women-in-power. Using attributes that make them who they are as a public figure, I incorporate elements into my art to represent the words or things I love most about the person I’m painting. When I’m not covered in paint on my studio floor, you’ll find me driving windows-down around my favorite place in the world (the Blue Ridge Parkway), collecting bags of hot Cheetos, finding stray animals to love, watching Netflix excessively, or annoying my three pets. I grew up close to a lot of people passionate about conservation and wildlife, and I find a lot of my happiness in being the human/slave of my dog Moose, cat Bruce, and hedgehog Kevin. If you made it this far, thanks for listening to me ramble about myself. If you’re interested in a piece of mine, a print, or just want to say hi, please reach out. For an introvert, I really like talking to strangers. If you leave a voicemail please expect 3-8 business days for a response, but I’m quick through text, DMs, and email. Stay safe during this sh!tfest and I’ll do my best to create some fun pieces to put out in the coming months. ❤